Achtung! Betrüger probieren eure Vodafone Kennwörter zu ergaunern

Do you have a contract with Vodafone? Then watch out! Scammers groups are currently trying to empower your passwords. The callers are talking about free data volume, but this does not exist. What you should do on such a call you will learn here.


Who of you receives such a call should be super careful. The caller tries to get to your passwords. To do this, the scammers pretend to be employees of Vodafone, and ask you about your customer satisfaction. Of course, they also have a bait on the hook, so you also answered all questions bravely. Curled up with free data volume – this can supposedly only be released if you betray your password. It is quite likely that the crooks will use this scam to try other mobile service providers as well.


Please remember: A real service rep would never ask you to reveal your password or other sensitive information such as address, date of birth or name. So if you get such a call, it’s best not to say anything and end the call. Surely they are the exact same fraudsters. Just hang up and forget about your good nursery.


Oops – you already spat out your data? If you’ve already dropped in on the scam and sent sensitive data and passwords to the scammers, there’s only one thing to do: Quickly call the proper support service of your provider to prevent worse. In fact, it can not hurt to file an ad with your trusted police station. If in doubt, you can prove by this ad that you have become the victim of fraud. This is important to avert any costs from you. Also, get in touch with the Federal Network Agency for the misuse of phone numbers. Here, these things are collected and measures taken to make it more difficult for the fraudsters to do their shameful trade.


Please do not be embarrassed if you have been victim of such a call. That can happen to us all. Therefore do not cover yourself in discrete silence, but warn your friends – only by education will it make it difficult for such groups to make charity with our good faith. 350

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