Amazon, Netflix und Co – welcher Anbieter ist der Beste?

The times when we made ourselves comfortable for a certain time in front of the TV to consume the latest „street sweeper“ are definitely over. Sure, from time to time we think wistfully of the time back in which nobody could spoil us something, because all had to endure until the next episode … But let’s face it – is not it totally cool to bang 10 episodes in one go? Amazon, Netflix and Co offer us exactly this possibility. Only for which provider should you decide? I would like to give you in this post a small overview of the German streaming landscape, and hopefully make your decision easier.


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the absolute number one in Germany with a hefty market share of 47%. This is certainly also the attractive price. For just 7.99 per month, Prime customers not only get unlimited access to an extensive film and series catalog, they also benefit from the free premium delivery service for Amazon orders. If you frequently order from Amazon, you are in the best position with Prime. Amazon has a considerable streaming volume. More than 30,000 films and series episodes are part of the Prime contingent. Including exclusive Amazon series such as Sneaky Pete, The man in the high castle, Transparent or (since 2018) Pastewka. In addition, Amazon still offers current films and series highlights for sale. This can of course go into the money, but is also an ingenious (and above all:




Netflix is ​​clearly behind Amazon with a market share of 20%. However, the US giant wants to significantly reduce this gap in a timely manner. Netflix has a smaller, but perhaps slightly finer, service than Amazon Prime. The special strength of Netflix is ​​clearly in the in-house productions. Whether Orange is the new Black, Better call Saul or The stranger things – what Netflix produces is really impressive. Several Emmy nominations bear witness to this. A Netflixabo beats with 7.99 monthly to book. For this price, I can watch on a device movies and TV series in SD. For 10.99 HD enjoyment on the eyes and 2 devices from which one can stream. Anyone who invests 13.99 a month can enjoy Ultra HD on a maximum of 4 devices at the same time. 381







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